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ASEAN Studies Centre LPPM UNS and International Relations Study Program FISIP UNS visited Traji Tourist Village (Desa Wisata Traji), Parakan District, Temanggung Regency on November 6th, 2020. Tourism sector is known as the potential factor to increase economic growth nationwide, region or families, through enhanced economic activity. However, the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill and tourism has been the worst affected of all major economic sectors. The activity and growth for the tourism sector has declined sharply in the aftermath of the outbreak due to travel restrictions across nations or certain areas.

Temanggung Regency has considerable potential tourism destinations, for instance natural and cultural tourism, which can encourage the establishment of many desa wisata (tourist villages). Through the establishment of desa wisata, the community can exhibit their village’s potential to attract domestic and foreign tourists. The more tourists visit desa wisata, the more plentiful the income local villagers can acquire.

Desa Wisata Traji has many advantages, for instance the availability of springs flowing throughout the season which in turn has the potential to be developed as water recreation. The other potential spot for tourism in Desa Wisata Traji is the ritual tradition called suran which is held in every month of Sura (Muharam). Many tourists originating from outside of the region attended and participated in the ritual to pray for safety and good fortune throughout the year. This potential can be developed into a special interest of tourist destinations (destinasi wisata minat khusus).

During the visit of ASEAN Studies Centre, the team led by Drs. Ign. Agung Satyawan, S.E., S.IKom., M.Si., Ph.D, advised the local tourism awareness group – Kelompok Sadar Wisata (pokdarwis) – regarding the way to improve the management of tourist attractions as well as marketing strategy. The team also provided constructive suggestions to the related issue in order to prepare Desa Wisata Traji to deal and utilize the new normal of tourism.